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Notes about Tidy First?

This is a short new book by Kent Beck, having almost 100 pages #surprising . Most of the chapters are one or two pages long. Foreword I liked an old quote by Benjamin Brewster in Foreword, saying: In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, while in practice, there is. According to Larry Constantine, who wrote the Foreword and who coined Cohesion and Coupling, Cohesion and Coupling are how our brains deal with complicated systems. Using relationships between pieces of code. Nice and tidy. That's the theory. Preface Beck calls his design "Empirical". Why? The most debates in software design are about microservices, how big repositories should be, events versus explicit calls, objects versus imperative code. These "What" debates hide more fundamental disagreement in software design. What Beck misses in the debates is "When". We have two extremes from the "When" perspective: Speculative design - we know what we will want to d