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Notes about the Agile Software Development book

These are my notes to the Robert Martin's book Agile Software Development: Principles, Patterns and Practices. Chapter 1 - Agile Practices Don't immediately buy the priciest database there is, but try the flat files first. The same goes for VCSs. Look at the tools with the jaded eye. The first Law of Documentation: Produce no document unless the need is immediate and significant. Fixed-time fixed-price projects don't work. The best contracts are those which specify how customers and developers should work together. We should plan only weeks ahead. We should have rough plans for the months ahead and almost no plans for years ahead. The less functionality the initial release has, the more quality the final product will have. Progress is measured in software done: 30% done means 30% of functionalities are working. Chapter 2 - Overview of Extreme Programming Pair programming does not decrease the efficiency of the team, but it dramatically improves the defect r