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Notes about The Pragmatic Programmer

Chapter 1 - Pragmatic Philosophy There is a repeated pattern at the start of the book (tip 2), which its authors, Hunt and Thomas, use regularly. They think about their work while they are doing it and try to improve it. It is about e.g. repetitive stuff, which could be automated. Tip 3 is about the attitude to business requirements. As a developers, we should be actively searching for ways to make business requirements possible, instead of giving lame excuses, why it is not possible. What would we think about a bank officer who makes lame excuses why he cannot do what we ask? Tip 4 is about a theory, that technical debt is like broken windows in cities. Those are small problems, which, left unfixed, can raise to become huge problems. We should be fixing even small technical debt as soon as it is found. We should also think about, what is the root cause, that this technical debt happened at all. Tip 7 elaborates whether software quality should be part of the requirements. The most of t