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My notes about the Clean Code book

These are my personal notes about the Robert C. Martin's book Clean Code. Chapter 2 - Meaningful names The book starts with an advice that we should use intention-revealing names . E.g. elapsedTimeInDays vs d . Of course we should avoid disinformation and non-informative names. Uncle Bob then explains what he means by using meaningful distinctions. E.g. variables message and theMessage next to each other do not make sense. We should obviously use pronounceable names ( generationTimestamp vs genymhdhms ) and searchable names (e.g. MAX_CLASSES_PER_STUDENT is more searchable than 7 ). We shouldn't be cute (e.g. whack method). We should be consistent with names per concept. E.g. decide between fetch , retrieve and get and stick to it.   We should avoid encodings, as the modern programming languages have strong typing, making them unnecessary. E.g. prefix " I " before interfaces names is wrong. Better is no prefix for interfaces and some suffix for implemen