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Make a web app on your own

As always, I've written this article for myself. It is about how should I approach when I have a website idea, but no motivation to start. I took an inspiration from Craig Larman's book: Applying UML and Patterns 3rd edition. The title sounds like UML book, but its in fact more about doing software right. So where do I start? Vision and Business Case This is a high level and terse text document about what I am developing. It should consist of: Problems of stakeholders being solved. Competition of mine. Features of the new system. Other chapters may include: Description of Stakeholders, Users, Goals of Stakeholders, Users, Summary of Benefits, Constraints, Cost and Pricing, Licencing and Installation, ... Please note that this document will probably not be finished on a first try. It will be revisited after use-case analysis is mostly done. This applies to all following documents. They are just started earlier than othe