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Notes about Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests

These are my notes about the the book of London school of thought regarding TDD. Both Martin Fowler in his essay and Kent Beck in the Foreword say they practice TDD differently. Therefore I was expecting what I thought was mockist style of testing, with too-small unit tests coupled too much to the implementation, based on what I saw in some companies in Prague (Czechia). I was very surprised with the quality of tips the authors provided. I don't like the first part of the title of the book, a farming metaphor of programming, because if overextended, it would seem like we are out of control of growing the software. I do like the subtitle, being "guided by the tests". The authors make a point of " listening to the tests " and responding to hints of the tests about the design of the production code as well. Chapter 1 - What Is the Point of Test-Driven Development? We know building the software is a learning process and we know there will be changes. What we need i