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Notes about the Clean Coder Book

This book's main theme is software developer's professionalism. I like this book much less than Uncle Bob's Clean Code book (the first of the series). That said, it is still a worthy read. Robert C. Martin introduces his book as a catalog of his own errors. He says we are in dire need for professionalism in our software developer profession. Chapter 1 - Professionalism Professionalism is all about taking responsibility. The first rule is to do no harm. As it is virtually impossible to create a bug-free code, the first thing to learn is apologizing. The code has to be tested. Then tested again. The tests must be automated. Basically the QA should find nothing. Uncle Bob demands 100% code coverage by tests. At the very least, your automated tests should assure you that the code will most likely pass the QA. If you find a code which is hard to work with, do the refactoring to make the change easier next time. This is the Boy Scout rule: "Always check in a module clea