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Notes about the Clean Architecture book

The first look into the contents of the book was a bit scary. Some of these things were already explained in Robert Martin's previous books. Then I found out they are explained from a different (software architect's) perspective. Overall, I liked this book better than Clean Coder, but it was less useful for me than Clean Code book of the same author. Part I - Introduction The foreword contained two useful antipatterns: Too authoritative and rigid architecture. Speculative generality in software architecture. The main point of the preface is that not much changed for the last 50 years in software architecture. The rules of software architecture are the same regardless of any variable (time, type of project, ...). When you get the architecture of the software right, you magically don't need horde of programmers maintaining it. Chapter 1 - What is Design and Architecture? There is no difference between software design and architecture. There is a continuum of