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Notes about the Building Microservices

These are notes for my future self about Sam Newman's book, Building Microservices 2nd edition.  Preface Microservices are an approach to distributed applications that use finely-grained services and change, deploy and release them independently. Microservices have become the default go-to architecture when designing system, which Newman finds hard to justify #surprised and want to share his view on why. Foundation Chapter 1 - What are Microservices? Microservices are independently releasable services modeled around a business domain . They are kind of SOA, but the one which is opinionated about how service boundaries should be drawn and where independent deployability is the key. Microservices should implement information hiding and expose their API in some way, e.g. via REST/JSON API or by emitting events. They should have their own database schema. To highlight that the services are as independent as possible, Newman draws them as hexagons, a homage to Alistair Cockburn's H